Saturday, April 4, 2009

Richard Roop's Free and Clear Cash Machine

THE SHOCKING TRUTH behind Richard Roop's Free and Clear investment strategy course. Today there are many gurus out there that are NOT active real estate investors. They are simply salesmen interested in marketing their "how to" investing courses. I bet you're saying that Richard is one of those "how to" investing course guys.

Well, guess what? If you think that he's out trying to market his Free and Clear Investment strategy course, then you're correct. He's taking the strategies that he's learned over the past dozen years, and bringing them directly to you at On the other hand, if you think that he's NOT an active real estate investor then you're DEAD WRONG!

"Creatively buying and selling houses since 1996, Richard Roop has since become one of the top direct response marketing ‘gurus’ and success coaches dedicated to helping real estate investors generate more leads, negotiate better deals and create more consistent, predictable cash each month. He has done over 400 deals, manages millions of dollars in real estate near his home in Woodland Park, Colorado and still actively buys and sells houses every month. But his real passion is sharing his knowledge, systems and strategies with other real estate entrepreneurs. Very few speakers and trainers get down so in-depth into the real nitty gritty, step-by-step “how to” of capturing equity and generating cash without using your own money or credit."

Are you ready for real results with the Free and Clear Cash Machine Strategies? Take a look at Inside you'll discover "how Marc from Minnesota buys a free and clear house each month and how he recently collected $50,000 in extra cash buying a $240,000 house for $212,000 with 6 years of 0% seller financing at $1,000 a month."

Richard wants to personally show YOU how to build YOUR Free & Clear Cash Machine. It's The Ultimate Strategy for collecting cash NOW and cash flow for life. Inside you'll "discover how Richard's free and clear investing strategies can help you collect $6,000 to $30,000 cash in less than 28 days, with no experience, none of your own money, and never setting foot in a bank."

REGARDLESS of any other investing models you're successfully using today, you can enjoy more consistent success and generate a windfall of monthly cash profits targeting high equity deals with the Free & Clear Cash Machine.

Here's what he'll show you how to do. Richard's going to show you how to get started right now in your present job without any money, credit or experience. Inside he's going to show you THE SECRET for finding the best deals. Next, you'll discover how to PRE-screen leads for the best deals. You're also going find out how to fund your deals by raising private money. Richard's going to show you how to structure your deals and submit multiple offers. In the end you'll learn to build massive wealth from cash flow.

The materials that you'll receive, he normally charges almost $2,000, but for a limited time through this special promotion you're going to get a HUGE discount plus you're going to get over $7,500 in FREE bonuses. Claim your special bonuses that are only available for a limited time at

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