Sunday, April 11, 2010

Even Women Are Making Money In Real Estate Using Short Sales

Seven Reasons Women Are Turning to Real Estate in Record Numbers

Think short sales and real estate investing is a guys game? Think again. Women are making in-roads into real estate in a big way. Forget clipping coupons or trying to save up for a vacation, research shows that women have been making the majority of home buying decisions related to the purchase of a family home for several years but now many are taking it one step further. Women are now making investment decisions on a regular basis including the purchase of short sale real estate and other investment assets. In fact, nearly 1 out of every 4 real estate transactions are conducted by women buyers.

Below are the most important reasons women are turning to real estate in record numbers:

1. Profits. Women have historically lagged behind men in earning capacity even with the same education and job experience. Short sale real estate provides an exceptional opportunity for women to supplement income without having to work second or even third jobs.

2. Retirement. Even after the most recent rebound, many investment portfolio's are far from healthy. A few well-timed short sale deals are able to replace much of that lost income.

3. Convenience. Real estate is flexible allowing women the time to interact with family and friends without sacrificing a life they love.

4. Security. A few well timed deals or rental properties afford women an independent means of income aside from those of their spouse or significant other. Statistically women live longer than men which often results in a dramatic decline in their standard of living towards the end of life. Holding a few long term assets that appreciate over time can assure access to funds at any time of life.

5. Empowered. Not surprisingly, men have been harder hit by the recent downsizing and lay-off's than women. Experts believe higher overall income levels are acting as an inverse incentive to eliminate men while keeping less expensive staff. The shift in income is increasingly shifting the focus of power in the household.

6. Credit Changes. Gone are the day when women must have a co-signer but lower income levels combined with children and more obligations often resulted in a practical need for two income applications. As women earn more and build solid credit reputations independent from their spouse or significant other, they are asking for...and getting...more favorable terms. Combined with federal incentives such as tax breaks, it's a winning combination.

7. Fun. Women have learned to enjoy the freedom, prestige and game of negotiation once thought to be the exclusive domain of men. Of course, communication skills combined with social savvy, independent wealth and a bit of encouragement has resulted in a record number of women learning that wheeling and dealing is not only a great way to make money but a lot of fun!

Yes women are doing this with Short Sales - TODAY!

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