Monday, October 11, 2010

Review: Jeff Adams REO Riches Launch

With REO's (bank owned properties) becoming more mainstream than ever before, investors are trying any way possible to get their hands on the pick of the litter. Jeff Adam's is the latest hands on real estate investing course that shows investors the blueprint for finding such deals.

Those that already know of Jeff Adams know that he is an ex-fireman turned real estate investing extraordinaire, turned fireman ... for fun. Since Jeff's early days as an investor a lot has changed, especially the knowledge that he has gained from investing. In his REO Riches Formula, Jeff puts all of those years of real world experience to the test.

The Course: “REO Riches!” A potent combination of Jeff’s 15 years experience, culminated into one package… plus the latest research on the most effective REO techniques that are working NOW…

Jeff Adams goes into much detail about structuring, analyzing and flipping bank owned properties. He calls it the Ultimate Real Estate Investing Shortcut! The blueprint has just been released at

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