Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Rapper Vanilla Ice Flips Houses In Florida

Vanilla Ice was most famous for his rap hits from the early 90's. Now Robert Van Winkle is flippin mansions as "cool as ice."

The DIY Network is debuting The Vanilla Ice Project. Rob is remodeling homes in Palm Beach, Florida.

New York Times (NYT): Tell me about the house in Palm Beach.

Vanilla Ice (VI): It was a tax-lien property. We auctioned on it. The house, before I even touched it, already appraised at over $800,000, and I got it for $400,000, so I had a lot of room to play with. It was completely gutted — they took every cabinet, every sink, every toilet, every door and door frame.

VI: It worked out good for me, because it shows really nasty on the show, and then we fix it up amazing. I use a lot of new things in this house that people have never seen in home building before, like ultra-modern, cool, high-tech things that even if you don’t care about Vanilla Ice you’re going to be entertained by. [Ed. note: EVEN if you don't care about Vanilla Ice!]

NYT: Like what?

VI: Most people aren’t accustomed to seeing mood lighting. If you’re in a bad mood, the lights will go red, and they’ll go blue if you’re in a good mood. [Ed. note: IT'S NOT A HOUSE, IT'S A HOME!]

NYT: How does that work?

VI: There’s some kind of sensor, like I guess a mood-ring sensor thing. I really don’t know, I still can’t figure out how it works, but it’s amazing. They’re all done in fiber optics. When they’re off, you can’t tell they’re in the house. [Ed. note: Ah yes, state-of-the-art mood-ring sensor thing lights.]

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